Friday, February 6, 2009

Alexsey has a place to sleep

Last week I ordered a bunkbed for the three youngest boys. It was finally delivered yesterday!

The kids were so excited! Of course---- they had lots of fun playing with the box!

Adam put most of it together for me.

Here is the finished bed! Doesn't it look great?

The plan is that Jonny is going to sleep on the top, with Dennis and Alexsey sleeping on the bottom. The kids have already made plans to play musical beds over the next few months and they are excited for when Alexsey will be able to play too!

I bought four plastic bins that fit nicely under the bed where they can store toys, shoes, and have easy access to a few changes of clothes.

I feel really blessed today. My kids are really easy to please. All of the kids except Adam and Caleb who are just too cool to make such a big deal, were so excited about the bunk bed. It is literally the coolest bed in the house right now and they told me, "Mom you rock! Thanks for buying this awesome bed. Can we all have one just like it in our room?" Funny how, since it is a metal frame, and I bargain shopped, it also happens to be the least expensive bed too.

Pray with me.

Dear Heavenly Father,

May you prepare not only Alexsey's heart, but all of my children's heart for this adoption. May we rejoice in his future homecoming! Lord, may you hear our prayers that his spina bifida has hardly affected him at all. Lord, regardless of the physical challenges that he may have, we still want him and already love him, and so we ask Lord on his behalf that you work miracles in his precious little body!


pearly1979 said...

My girl's have the exact same bed only in white! :)

Amanda said...

My daughter was very excited to get her "new" used bed last fall. I bargain shopped too. I'm praying for you as you work to bring Alexsey home.

Terri-Anne said...


Christine, I wish I was your next door neighbour. I'm so inspired by you and John and your incredible flock of children. I'd love for my 10 year old daughter, Miranda to play with your group of girls. I wish I could watch you in action, encouraging, guiding and teaching your children, through their triumphs and challenges. And I'd love to bounce parenting ideas off of you, and get your perspective on some of the issues my husband and I face as parents. I wish I could hug Rachel and Dennis, and Adam and the rest of the gang! You are a very special person, Christine, with a very cool family. While I wish I was your next door neighbour, I am very thankful that you choose to let us have just a little peek into your life. Alexsey is one lucky little boy! He won't know what hit him when he is showered in all of the love that will come flooding over him in his Reed family!

P.S. You are a brave woman, planning to have a 2 year old and a three year old sleep in the same bed together! LOL Good luck with that! ;o)

Anonymous said...

Love that bed, Christine. Isn't nesting fun? It's been such a long wait with us for #4 that I've kind of lost the urge to nest and am trying to drum up a little enthusiasm!

Peta G said...

My kids want that same bed. But we had already bought the girls 'matching' bunks and a single bed and the boys have their bunks already.
I hope Dennis and Alexsey sleep well together for you.

Anonymous said...

I have an extra bed just like that not in use!!! If we can figure out on how to send it to you it is yours at no cost!!! You can contact me at and let me know what you think. It is a year old and and in good shape. The only differance is it has wooden posts!!! I can send a picture if you are interested in it.

princessmama said...

How fun, I love that kids are so easy to please:) I'm so excited for your family and for Alexsey.

annie said...

What a beautiful blog!!! I am so excited for you and trying not to be envious.

One of the sweetest, smartest and most delightful 8th grade religion students I ever had, "B", had spina bifida. He had to use a crutch, but didn't hesitate to negotiate stairs (we suggested changing the room for him - but he adamantly refused). For the most part, he moved around fine, keeping up with his friends, and was really another boost in my pro-life journey. To think people abort because of this! Just look at Alexsey! And B is in medical school now!

Amber said...

Christine- I followed Dennis' adoption and have been following Smiles and Trials for over a year. I am so excited to be part of this journey. We adopted our special needs daughter through foster care and are in the process of adopting another daughter through foster care. Your family is in our prayers.

Anonymous said...

I originally saw the link to your sight from FRUA, and check in often. I am praying for Aleksey and your family! Your family is a beautiful story of God's love and grace!

Kelly said...

My boys have that same bunk bed, they love it, too.

RML said...

What a great bed!!! Will this be OK with the home study people? or are children required in principle to have their own bed?


Tina in CT said...

I was wondering if you would be bringing Dennis along (for the same reasons). Great that he and Julia will be going. That is special that Rachel will be getting to spend time with her Great Aunt getting to know her better and also be such a big help to her while she recovers from surgery.

I also wondered if the home study will allow the two boys to share a bed. Neat bunk bed BTW.

When will you be making your first trip over as I assume you'll have to make two?

Michelle said...

hi there. we had this exact bed in red years ago! If I could make a sggestion? as kids get bigger, the ladder rails start to hurt, they are narrow and hard on little feet. If you cut some of those swimming pool foamy things (the name is escaping me...oh...noodles) in the right length and wrap with the same color duct tape, they not only add padding, they add color. It helped our kids as they got bigger, and brought more use to the bed.
Good luck with aleksy!!!