Sunday, March 1, 2009

$600 raised!

Thanks to all who bought a raffle ticket for the IPOD. This fundraiser hosted by Sally brought in $600! Praise the Lord! And her idea of applying it forward is catching on. Not only has Kelly offered to do a fundraiser, but I will also announce another woman who has offered to do the same thing! And once we bring Alexsey home, I plan to pay it forward myself! What a huge blessing this is! To understand how much $600 actually means in this adoption, let me put it to you this way. Our train tickets to and from Kiev to the region where Alexsey is are now covered. How exciting!

Julia has been busy this weekend. Here is the beautiful scarf she made for someone.

She also made this neat headband. Since they take a little less time than a dishcloth, we thought $5 would be a good price. If anyone would like to place an order, please specify color.

This is another order completed this weekend. Some of the colors are just beautiful. Thanks to those that donated yarn!

Julia has inspired Rachel to start knitting.

Rachel knitted a scarf for Julia.
Rachel knitted a scarf for her friend at school.
And Rachel knitted a scarf for the mother of her previous family. I am so proud of her for deciding to do this!
And now she wants all of you to know that she is also taking orders for scarfs only to raise money that will go directly to cover Alexsey's adoption costs! So please, if you were thinking of ordering a scarf, please have Rachel make you one....... it will allow Julia to catch up on all of her orders!


Mary said...

Oooh! I'd love to have Rachel make a scarf for me - I love the one Julia made for me and it would be awesome to buy one from Rachel too. I live in New England and we're getting 15-18 inches of snow tonight, so I can never have too many scarves! How much is she charging, what colors are available, and how do I buy one? Thanks!

P.S. Have I ever mentioned that I think your daughters are AMAZING?

sylsumida said...

I think you are a wonderful mom and your daughters are a reflection of you! You are a precious family and how lucky Alexsey is to have so many open arms waiting for him.

Chelley said...

not sure if you caught the first time I asked but thats cool!!!

I would be very happy with a Rachel knitted scarf!

Julie said...

Those are so cool!!! Your girls are just wonderful!

Amanda said...

$600 is incredible ... Praise the Lord!

The scarves, headband, and bibs are beautiful! It is such a great thing to see your children helping to raise money. Julia is doing a wonderful job of raising the money needed for her flight and for Rachel to pitch in raising money for Alexsey is just so heartwarming!

Amanda-Adopting Ean and Mila

MamaPoRuski said...

I'd be happy to just pay for knitting lessons for a lefty! Beautiful scarves and beautiful girls for giving so much of themselves for eachother!

Rebecca said...

i would love it if rachel would make me a scarf! how would i go about ordering one?

mom2four said...

So how much are the scarves then? And how do we order? dav9337826 @ No spaces :)