Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Hmmmmm, maybe next week

I am so different this adoption. I'm not sure why. Maybe because we have done it so many times before..... maybe because I finally learned from Dennis' adoption not to hurry up and wait..... or maybe it is just that I am realizing that I really can't do anything because God's in control and things are going to go according to His plan not mine.

I am patiently waiting for our fingerprint appointment and our notarized copy of our homestudy before I rush to do all of the other documents. I hope to make appointments for our police clearance this week or early next week.

I am so thankful for the donations that came in the other day---- I think it was around $200.00! Praise the Lord! Thank you so much!

I have another fundraiser that I am sure will be a hit----- at least I hope it will be because I have worked hard on it. I'll let you know beginning of next week.

Julia is continuing to work on her orders----- I hope all of you are enjoying your scarves, dishcloths, and bibs! If you haven't touched bases with us in a while to verify your order, please do so. It would be incredibly helpful to us.

A good friend of mine is helping to organize a silent auction type event at our church which I am really excited about. She is brainstorming some really creative ideas that I hope to share in the near future.

Some of you have asked when you think we wil travel----- I hope it is this summer!


The Monroe 6 said...

Hi Christine!
I ordered 2 ink scarves a while back.
I might have done it in the wrong area because I never got an email of where to send the money.

name...Amy Monroe
email: amyhas4kids at gmail dot com
2 soft pink scarves.
I also like the headbands!
One pink headband.

I hope you get lots of orders!!!
Your girls must be thrilled!!

Stefanie said...

Hi Christine, So excited for you and your family and little Alosha!
I pop over to your Blog every now and then and can't wait for you bring him home!

Kathy said...

Adam is having trouble getting any donations for his Haiti trip. Maybe we need to teach him to knit : ) I really want him to go because I can't help but think it will be life changing for him.

Leslie said...

The whole waiting on God thing continues to be the hardest part for me. I'm very much abou the hurry, hurry, hurry when all along I know God's saying "Don't worry. I've got this covered." Good to see your faith in all of this!

The Dulls said...

I love hearing all that the Lord is doing toward this adoption. It's so encouraging and a blessing to "see". We ordered 3 bibs - 2 boy bibs and 1 girl bib. How far is Julia from reaching her total amount? We love reading all the updates and testimonies of your journey(ies)!

Payne's said...

That's it! She is saying Alosha!