Friday, March 6, 2009

The Lord is so Good

Thank you so much faithful blog readers! Ashley, the mother of the family I previously blogged about has seen $779.00 come in since I first posted about her desperate adoption situation. I don't know who all of these generous donors were or if they even came from this blog, but I am praising the Lord anyway. God is so good......... Ashley's spirits have been lifted, and Grisha is going to come home!

Thanks again! Partnering together for the sake of bringing an orphan home so that they can grow up as a child is part of an amazing thing. I appreciate all of you who are helping to do this.



Mummy McTavish said...

Ive just been catching up again and I love that you have such wonderful, kind and generous readers! How encouraging for you to know that your family is not in this alone and neither are the other adopting families you are blogging about.

The Dulls said...

Praise the Lord!

Rachel E. said...

What wonderful news! God's provision is so awesome, isn't it?

Michelle said...

It's just as important that her spirits are lifted as anything else - it's so hard at the beginning, to keep faith!!

I saw your question on Mary's blog... we tried hard to see Aleksey and all the other waiting angels, and Anatoly wanted to let us get pictures and updates on all of them, but the legal guy at the orphanage was strict about the new law that went into effect in December STRICTLY prohibiting contact or photos of any other children except the one you came for. He told me specifically that he was going to talk to the minister in Kiev about altering that law for these special needs kids, so I trust that by the time you all go back things will have eased up a bit. I was so sad not to get to see ANY of them....

Lynn said...


We live in Israel and adopted from Antoshka 7 years ago and were the family that got Andrea (now RR) interested in helping initially (for the sake of Daniel at Antoshka - see

I read your blog daily and really enjoy it.
I am not religious but believe in adding value to other lives and kindness.

Having personally met 2 of the kids that subsequently died at T (after Antoshka) I can only say that whoever posted their snide comment has absolutely no idea of the reality of the situation in the orphanages (and I might add lacks humanity).

We cannot adopt more kids but have contributed to several families who have adopted special needs kids - the time, love and lifelong commitment that families who adopt put in is so often overlooked.

Aleksey (and Dennis) are blessed to have you and yoru family.