Friday, March 20, 2009

Trickling In

I was happy to receive our other marriage certificate yesterday along with our police clearance letters. I also received our homestudy! Three more things I can check off my list. As always, the last thing that is holding us up is our orphan petition letter from immigration. I hope that it comes soon!

Thank you for all that have helped Julia to raise money for her plane ticket to travel with us. Hopefully a handful of you guys got your orders this week. What do you think? :) She has been working diligently on her orders every evening. If you have committed to ordering something, Julia will begin to work on your order after we receive the check. This just ensures that people who have already paid get their order in a timely manner.

Thank you for ordering the adoption window decals too. I think eight have already been spoken for. I have fifteen left so please spread the word! I have already gotten three comments about the one on my van...... it is such a powerful way to declare adoption advocacy and give people something to think about.


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The Dulls said...

that is great news! Tell Julia that it was so nice to open my mailbox today and receive our beautiful, homemade bibs! We just found out that my best friend is having identical twins so I'll probably be back in a month to order some more if that's not too late.

Thanks again Christine and Julia!