Monday, April 13, 2009

Dear Alexsey

Dear Alexsey,

How are you today, sweet little boy? You have been in my dreams more and more lately.......... you and Dennis walking down the stairs holding onto the railing. In my dreams, I am always smiling ear to ear as I watch the two of you. I know it is just a dream right now........ but have faith, it won't be long.

We talk about you quite often now....... Alexsey this..... and Alexsey that. Your brothers want to know what you eat for breakfast everyday. I told them kasha...... am I right? You have plenty of clothes that I am sure will fit you perfectly. One outfit I bought three weeks ago.... I hope it fits! If not, your brothers have plenty to share with you!

I think we may be visiting you early this summer! At least that is what I am praying for! I know that seems like a long ways off, but it will here before you know it! So many people are praying for you and are rallying for you to come home as soon as it is possible.

We love you Alexsey! Good night!


schoolmother said...

I am excited about your progress toward Alexsey!! Wow!

Connie said...

We'll be back this summer :) Not sure where (well, somewhere near DC), for how long, etc. but on the right side of the planet! Good to hear the news of Alexsey!

Holly said...

I love that you're writing him letters. You (all of you) will cherish these when he gets older. :)

Ashley said...

Oh, sweet boy, you are so loved!!!! I am laughing and crying at the same time because I am so happy for all of us!!

The Monroe 6 said...

What a beautiful and sweet letter.
I pray he comes home soon to his FAMILY!!! God had you in mind as he formed him in the womb, Christine! How awesome is that!

Michelle said...

Dear Alexsey,
Like the family that is working to bring you home, sometimes I wonder what you're up to. I pray that God brings caretakers into your life who will give you a little extra attention, make sure you're warm & well-fed, and love on you until your family can get there. They think of you all the time and, believe it or not, so do a lot of other people!

Many people around you probably see you as an orphan... but you're not. You have a wonderful, loving, faithful family who can't wait to have you home with them. Would you believe that one little boy in an orphanage in Ukraine has hundreds, maybe even thousands of people praying for him? It's true!

Right now you're held back from the "disability" you were born with... but you have a family who see past that & love you for who you are. They always will! Your Mama will fight for you to get the best treatment possible so you can reach your full potential, just like she does with your brother Dennis! Your family's already going to the ends of the earth for you in a literal sense... you are THAT SPECIAL to them!

Although you may not know it right now, you're one blessed little boy. You've got a family that a lot of little boys would dream of! But more importantly, you've got a Father who loves you more than anyone else possibly can. And although your family can't be with you right now, He is there with you, always. At this moment, He is watching you - probably sleeping! - and holding you in a way nobody else can. He has great plans for you and He will never let you down. I don't know what all you've experienced in your short life, but as someone who was hurt pretty badly & spent time in another country without loving parents when one of them who doesn't love Jesus took me, I can tell you without a doubt that Jesus will never let you go.

Hang in there, Alexsey... you'll be home before you know it!

Praying for you,