Tuesday, April 14, 2009

It's On His Time, Not Theirs

On April 7, I overnighted our whole dossier to be apostilled. From what I had been told by others, I was confident that the Secretary of State would process our documents in one day and return them in the overnight envelope I provided. The next day I called up there to see that they got them and they gave me some very disappointing news. They were barely processing mail from nearly two weeks prior and they told me not to expect my documents for at least two weeks. Admittedly I was disappointed by the news, but it was what it was. To add injury to insult, my agency said that I could have overnighted them to a courier they use, and would have had them back in a few days.

Oh well. You live and you learn...... and you pray.

I started calling everyday except for the Monday after Easter, and befriending every clerk in the office to get them familiar with our story. I really don't know if I was just bugging them, or if I actually touched their hearts so that they sped up their productivity so that they could get to our documents. Yesterday I called again in the morning and was informed that they were processing mail for April 7th. They received ours just one day later! Was it possible? They couldn't promise anything, but I continued to pray!

And guess what? I just found out that our documents were processed! PRAISE THE LORD!!!!


Ashley said...

YES, PRAISE THE LORD INDEED!!!!! WOOOHOOO We're on our way, boys!!

Anonymous said...

That's awesome, Christine!

Amanda said...

Praise the Lord!!!

Amanda-Adopting Ean and Mila

ukraine09 said...

Isn't it amazing how God works!

Great news. Your dossier will be off to Ukraine in no time.

I just checked the FedEx tracking number for the return envelope we sent with our documents to be apostilled and it is on its way too! We will have the apostilles tomorrow morning and will be mailing or dossier of to Ukraine by the afternoon.

It looks like so many of us might be travelling around the same time. How exciting!


June Berger said...

Oh wow, how awesome is that!! Praise be to God!