Friday, April 24, 2009

Savoring Every Moment

I am getting so excited about traveling.

Soon we will see Alexsey's sweet smiling face.

I look forward to the call when it is time to shop for plane tickets. Yes it is a headache, but I love it! I don't travel to far away places for vacation, but I have been blessed to travel to far away places to grow our family. John and I used these adoption trips as second and third honeymoons and this time will be no exception.

Packing is always fun because I like the challenge of packing all of our things so that they fit in one carry-on and one piece of luggage for each of us. I personally pack very light----- because if Ukrainians can get what they need in Ukraine, so can I. If I need something while I am there, I trust that it will be available to us.

I don't know about you, but John and I try to savor every single second of our trip--- even our airport excursions were memorable. Even though we have been to LAX numerous times, we always tend to get lost--- and now we usually make a bet who will find the right parking lot first. Last trip when we traveled to get Dennis, we were entertained with a little boy peeing in an airport lobby trashcan. Did I mention how fun the people watching at the airport is? Can you tell I am a wee-bit excited.

The plane trip is always great. I don't normally watch movies at home, so getting to watch a movie on the plane is always nice. We always make friends on the plane too----- and have I mentioned the food? I am one of those crazy women who love airline food. But then again, a cup of soggy bread with chopped pickles and syrup would probably taste good to me as long as I didn't have to make it. Something about being served---- I love it!

For the sake of my child, I have always wanted to soak in every little detail of our trip so that I can one day share with him all about where he came from. I want my child to feel proud of where they came from. I want my child to know that I have fond memories of his birth country.

Needless to say, my blogging has not even really started yet--- just wait till our trip. This time it will be quite the adventure with Julia and Dennis coming with us! You better believe that we will be packing our swimsuits so that if weather permits we will be wading in the Dnieper River!


Erica H said...

I know exactly what you mean Christine!! I loved every minute of our trips to Russia..Staying there for 28 days by myself made me so proud of myself and so appreciative of their culture..Ahh, you are one lucky lady!!! I would love to be going back!

I remember last summer I was checking your blog while I was in Russia getting our daughter and you were picking up Dennis! It was funny to think we were just 1 country away from each other all the way from the US!

Take care,

Amy said...
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Amy said...

I'm sorry about those typos!
Anyway, I really enjoyed every moment of my two trips to Russia to bring Elijah home. Even the actual court hearing. I felt very honored to be there and also very proud to be adopting Elijah! I am a people watcher too, so I took several walks while I was there. I can't wait to read all of your posts once you all are over there with Alexey!

Blessed Mom of Four, Now Five said...

From a mom who fell in love with Alexsey's face some time ago, "Pig, pig, pig!!!"
mom to a spina bifida sweetheart

Kelly said...

No wonder you like flying Aeroflot...People watching is great and the Russian Food on board is always interesting. Hey, anytime I get salami for breakfast, I am a happy girl! Can't wait to follow along with you again this summer. Last summer we were camping when you went to get Dennis and I had to borrow a laptop of a friend to hook up to just to check-in.
pig, pig, pig!!!

Martha said...

I loved travelling with you last year and expect this year's journey to be just as exciting! Let's go!

Ashley said...

Oh my goodness... I remember the story of the little boy peeing in the trash can!!! hahaha

I am getting excited about traveling, too, but I am also so nervous as this is the first time we are leaving the children for this long. I know they are going to be okay, but I am getting anxiety. I feel anxious about so many other things at the moment, like will I be a good parent to Grisha, the finances, etc... and I feel like my faith is so small right now. The closer it gets, the more nervous I am becoming. I wish I could be feeling the way you are feeling. :)