Sunday, April 19, 2009

Overwhelmed By the Show of Support

Our church did the most amazing thing. A few of its members who also happen to be a part of our small group put together an amazing event to bring awareness to adoption and raise money to help families offset the expensive costs associated with adoption. Though there were a few people that come to mind specifically that I think organized the event and deserve a big round of applause, I was amazed to see how the whole church rallied around them and us to help out to make this event one heck of a sha-bang!

My good friend Tina had hoped for 40 silent auction items and felt overwhelmed when people kept bringing in more and more making the total way over 100 silent auction items! There was also a live auction where a loaf of my Mom's banana nut bread went for $100 and someone else's bread basket went for $200 and where all kinds of cows were sold! Who even knew that cows had so many names---springers, jerseys, and bulls--- certainly not I!

There were table leaders for each table who was responsible for decorating and providing the dinnerware for their guests. It was fun to see all of the beautifully decorated tables. Some of them were so creative and gorgeous that I would love for them to come and give me some decorating tips!

A few of us made borscht, chicken rice, and taco soup with rolls. Volunteers brought all kinds of yummy desserts. The food could not have been better in my opinion----- I think because it was made and served in church.

It was fun watching the auctioneer. He did a great job!
Cow after cow was auctioned off! My friend didn't know a cow could cost so much and has a new appreciation for them when she drives by a dairy!
I am so appreciative to have a church family that is so supportive of adoption. It is so close to my heart that I was blessed to find out that there are many other adoptive parents that go to the church besides us. My prayer is that others will be moved by Alexsey's story and adoption will continue to spread through the church. Now wouldn't that be amazing?
Alexsey---- so many people are praying you home!!!!!!


Rachel E. said...

Wow! I never heard of auctioning cows. (Probably because we have only one dairy on Oahu, I think.) What a great event!

Jane said...

What a great event, you are so lucky to have such a circle of support and so many friends who want to bring Aleksey home. I'm glad I wasn't there though, I might have bought a cow by mistake (I guess we wouldn't need to mow so often, so on second thoughts.....)

Holly said...

Wow, what an amazing church family you have! Alexsey is so lucky to be coming home to this kind of community. :)

gypsy@Hebrews11:13 said...

What a wonderful church family!! We are still praying for y'all and Aleksey! Our daughter with SB has completely recovered from this last surgery and now we are ready to start the process to bring a Reece's Rainbow child home!!!! We start our homestudy this week-YAY!

crispy said...

What wonderful support. What a blessing.

Anonymous said...

Christine, I am so sorry we weren't able to make it. Too many church committments this past weekend. But, I'm glad it went well. It looks like a lot of fun! I'm so glad you guys are in a church that is so supportive of adoption. How awesome!

Melissa said...

Hi Christine, the dinner and the tables looked so pretty :) We are actually having our women's banquet this weekend and I get to decorate my table with my passion....which hapens to be orphans and adoption! Yay, I am really excited about this opportunity to blindside all these ladies with the beautiful faces of these kids. I was also wanting to use Bible verses and quotes and really like the one at the top of your blog. Would you mind if I use it and could you tell me who said it? You can email it to me: Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

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