Monday, April 20, 2009

She Inspired Me

Leslie is such an amazing woman. I followed her blog back when she was adopting her daughter Kristina. I have corresponded with her many times over the last few months mainly because she and her husband have been thinking of adopting again. It nearly brings me to tears to read about the emotional turmoil she is going through because they do not have thousands of dollars laying around to put towards the adoption of a little girl with special needs that has been placed on their heart. Her blog is so candid and so real that I could not help but be moved. Leslie, I am rooting for you! If you want to be blessed today, please go read the last couple of posts on her blog.

At this time, I am putting my trust in the Lord that all of Alexsey's adoption costs will be taken care of one way or another. I don't know exact figures yet, but I just have to trust. With that said, I really want to focus on helping Leslie and her family to raise enough money to start the process of adopting a deserving, precious aging out of the orphanage little girl.

That means that I am no longer fundraising for Alexsey's adoption. All of my efforts on this blog from this point on will go towards helping the Landrums raise money for their adoption. I am sure many of you are wondering why them and not someone else? And all I can say to that is that God has laid this family on my heart, plain and simple.

With that said, I still have 13 adoption window decals available. I would like to donate all of the money to the Landrums that is raised from donations of people who buy a decal. The decals are not only beautiful but they are an awesome way to spread the word about adoption. Please consider buying one for $20 to show your support of this amazing family! You can check them out here.

Wouldn't it be awesome to know that you helped bring another child home? We need to partner together to bring this child home!


ukraine09 said...

Wow Christine!!!

What an awesome thing to do for someone else. I too have been communicating with Leslie over the last few months. We first came in contact with each other because we were both drawn to the same little girl. We were both thrilled when we found out she had already been adopted!!! Obviously our journey went in a different direction and we now have another little girl we are hoping to adopt and I am praying for Leslie and her family that they will be led in the direction they are meant to go. I know any child that they adopt will be so blessed in their family.

I hope many people will contribute to help out the Landrum family bring home their child!


Missy said...

Christine, are these cling-ons or stickers?

Annie said...

You are a peach.

Boy, do I know the feeling. Love to give, but no money.... And dear children who want a mommy and daddy...and NO REAL REASON (I can see) why it should all cost so much.

Anonymous said...

Did you click over to the new blog and read on Mar 16th that the little girl had found a family?

Anonymous said...

Yes, it looks like the little girl they wanted to adopt has a family, but the Landrums aren't discouraged and are still seeking another child to adopt. How cool!