Friday, May 8, 2009

All For the Glory of God

I really am not at liberty to share the details yet, but amazing things are happening on the adoption front. (insert huge smile) Your prayers are helping to move mountains in more ways than one. Thank you so much. Thank you too for all that have given of your time and money to help bring Alexsey home. Some of you have sent words of encouragement, t-shirts to show your support.... some of you hand made items that were sold in the silent auction, went out of your way to call and express your support........ one very sweet friend even sent me a Starbucks giftcard of hers when I vowed to forgo coffee, carwashes, and haircuts. Your show of support has made for quite a story--- which I have shared with anyone that is willing to listen. God's plan goes so much further than just the adoption of a little boy with spina bifida named Alexsey-- and all of you are a part of it. This journey is a testimony that God still works miracles.

Can I have an Amen?


Jenn said...

AMEN!! Prayers for you all.

Shari said...

Praying for you!

Molly C said...

Yes, I cannot wait to hear the good news. Christine, you amaze me time and time again with your calm response to those who try to bring you down. My mother stayed home with us and I am so glad she did. There were only four of us, so I cannot even imagine how your work must be cut out for you!

What would it be like if Dennis had come home only to be handed off to a nanny? He needed to bond, he needed to have his MOTHER. I just don't get the point of criticizing and demeaning behind the anon setting. Our lives are short and hard enough already, why must we make lives harder for others?

MoonDog said...

oh Christine, you neednt even respond to such nonsense. anyone who has adopted knows its expensive and even if one lives in the fanciest house on the block they dont often have twenty to thirty thousand dollars just LYING AROUND! dont let the snarky people dampen your joy. You are a wonderful and kind and caring person, even I can see that and I have never laid eyes on you personally. There will always be naysayers no matter what you do. You cant please them all. As long as you and your spouse believe in what you are doing, then you neednt explain to anyone. now tell us some good news like if you have travel dates!

The Dulls said...

Amen! I am, for one, thankful for those humble enough to put a button for their adoptions or do fundraisers. I don't see it as begging for $$ for an adoption; I see it as giving others the opportunity to give when they feel called to do so. Thank you to you and others who have given us this opportunity to be obedient to the Lord in adoption though not "actually" adopting ourselves at this time.
Praying Alexsey is home soon!

Sheryl said...

Amen! It is such a blessing to participate in the adoption of children. I have not financially contributed, yet. But I am seriously going to set aside what I can to help people that I don't even know to adopt. You are a wonderful mom. I have followed your other blog for a while. i think I've left comments, but I can't remember. I wonder if this anon. person is the same one badgering Ashely F. It sounded like this person repeatedly leaves these comments and tries to belittle people. i am going to check into this and see if blogger has any rules about this. You can't repeatedly call people on the phone and say mean things to them . If they don't agree that you should do fundraising then they should say so with some constructive reason, not just ugliness. I wish that i would have stayed at home with my children and made do on one income. There are so many things that I wish that I could do, but I can't leave my job to do them. Your kids need you at home and it is a full time job. It is the best job in the world. There are so many children out there that need to be adopted. In trying to advocate for them, I find deaf ears in my community. I would be so much happier if I could just give them a home myself. I believe that you, Christine, are a more talented mom than I could ever be.

Amy said...

Wow. Pretty crazy stuff. This Annie person sounds like a wonderful woman of God. And Christine, from what I've read of your blog, you are too.

Let me be one of your ENCOURAGERS, my sister in Christ. You live your life to serve your GOD, your husband and your children, that is clear. We've never even met and I can see so many of the traits in Proverbs 31 exhibited in your life through both of your blogs. Keep up the good race!

Remember we live in this world but we are ARE NOT OF IT. :)

Blessings to you and your family. :)

Stefanie said...

Christine, Do not allow the negative comments or ignorant questions stir you. God uses all of us in different ways. Last time I checked as Christians we are ALL called to care for widows and orphans. Some adopt, some provide financing for others to adopt, some do both. At the end of the day, there are MANY people who feel called to give to families who feel called to adopt. What does it matter to her what you are doing? She doesn't need to give a cent to you and I am assuming you don't want her cent if she doesn't feel called or want to give! I don't think it take a rocket scientist to figure that you are not secretly purchasing diamonds or buying sports cars for your husband with the donations that you are receiving! Keep doing what you are doing! More people should be as giving as you are for the sake of a orphan child!

Bethany said...

I'm still amazed at everything that you do. I can see God working through and with you to help other children and that's amazing! And I agree, stay at home mom's are wonderful! When I get older and get married I want to be a stay at home mom with a big family.

Again, Mrs. Reed, I think your doing a great job and like Annie said if these people didn't want to donate money to you then why did they? They obviously wanted to give money to you and I can't wait to hear and see more pictures of cute little Alexsey!!!!!! :D

Keep blogging Mrs. Reed! Jesus loves you lots!!!!!!!!!

Michelle said...

i've had it up to HERE with all the anonymous attacks recently on so many adoption (and other) blogs!!! the worst part - okay, the words themselves, but the other worst part - is that this person (or people) is a coward & won't say who they are. when i say things that people won't like, i have the courage to use my name... not hide behind a computer screen.

Anonymous, whoever you are, you're acting like a child by being completely hurtful to people and not even having the guts to say who you are. you're immature and if you don't like what people are doing, STOP READING THEIR BLOGS and save all of us the trouble of dealing with you! you hurt other people supporting the blog owner almost as much as the blog owner him/herself!

sorry... had to get that out. you can erase this if you want, but i can't even stand this anymore without saying anything. i don't think blogspot should even HAVE anonymous commenting. but that's just me.

- MICHELLE (my name!)

Peta said...

Christine you shouldnt even worry over this persons comments. You know whats right in your heart and so do the lovely people who are donating what they can to help loving families like yours to bring home those precious little kids.

Im thinking maybe this person is jeloues(sp?) of your amazing family and the love you have for each other and that complete strangers feel they can relate to you and feel at ease knowing you are going to bring this little boy home and love him with every fibre of your being. That to me is more important than wether or not you pay for this adoption yourself or with the help of others.

You and your lovely family are in my prayers. I hope little Alexsey will be on his way to your loving arms real soon.

Hevel Cohen said...

About the whole asking for donations, I see it this way:
1. Asking for help from strangers is an exercise in humility: I hate hate hate asking for anything and I assume most people are like that.
2. By humbling ourselves to benefit our children we are learning to humble ourselves for HaShem.
3. By sharing our need we enable others, who do not have the opportunity to adopt to be part of giving these children a family and to practice charity on their own terms.
4. It's not as if you are twisting anyone's arms to support Alexsey. Yeah, it's not you, it's him!

Also, with the way child care goes in the US I wouldn't trust the system to take care of my children, and also, daycare, after school babysitting etc would most likely cost more for 11 children than what you'd make if you worked. I wish people would consider these things before leaving mean comments.

So Anon is anon for a reason. The only Anonymous I take seriously is the fight against Scientology.

Mummy McTavish said...


sylsumida said...

You have been an inspiration to so many and do not need to even dignify this person's mean spirited remarks. Watching you has given our family the courage to try adoption.

soontobemomof9 said...

I would say that God is moving mountains to help the Reed family bring Aleksey home. Who are we to judge Gods way as right or wrong?

Think carefully about what you are saying....God tells us that if we have enough to live, then we should generously share all the excess. Read 1 John 3:17-19. I would bet Gods heart is overflowing with JOY to see so many reaching out to help a child of His they have never met. How did the world recieve HIS eldest SON? Would a similar response have pleased Him?

Think about it!

Anonymous said...

Christine, you don't have to explain yourself to anyone. Some people will never be satisfied with an answer, no matter how logical or rational. But, one thing you forgot when you were explaining about how you sit around all day in a moo-moo, eating bon-bons - we housewives also watch soap operas. Don't forget that. Heehee!

Tanya and Don said...

Amen sister! I would have ignored anonymous you are a bigger person than me!

Jill said...


Did you hear that shout out all the way to Cali Christine????!!!

Blessed Mom of Four, Now Five said...

Oh, Chrsitine, I am reminded that each one of us in the body of Christ shares an enemy who would rob us of our joy. We must keep our eyes on Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith.

Before you committed to Alexsey, I donated a very small amount to Reeces Rainbow on his behalf. I felt such a strong connection to him, but knew it was not time for our family to adopt again.

And, praise the LORD, his forever family has found him. Praise the LORD, He is using my very small gift to help bring him home. Praise the LORD I am a part of the blessing that comes from obedience in caring for the fatherless.

As we raise funds for our current mission trip, I am out of my comfort zone. It is teaching me, though, that God so desires that the body of Christ work together. There are many who cannot go to the mission field for more reasons than we can count, but God can use them in missions through other ways. One way is sweet Mrs. Delores. She baked 47 cakes this week, so I could sell them to raise funds for our mission trip, and we profited over $800. Her reward in heaven will be great.

God is using many in the body of Christ to bring Alexsey home. Thank you for allowing us to be a part.

mom to a spina bifida sweet heart

Tami said...

A question for anon...why is what others do YOUR business? You can use the red X in the upper right-hand corner any time!

kitzkazventure said...

Amen, sista! SO excited!