Friday, July 31, 2009

As alluded to... pretty cool in my opinion.



ps They are are all fine. It's raining there. And they got just one week left !


mommajeane said...

That is pretty neat.. our version was in russian though but I could see the pics... We were on Russian tv when we adopted 2 of our sn kids from Tver.. to encourage russian families to adopt. We had to video tape it so that we had a copy.I have been praying for them and hope this week just flies by. Loved you post about coming home with Dennis.

J* Family Blog said...

I've been following your blog for a bit. We're in the process of adopting an HIV+ little girl from Russia. FYI, I copied and pasted the link into Google search and it was the 2nd link to come up. You'll see an option to the right of the link that says TRANSLATE. If you click that it will bring up the entire story plus pictures, just in English!! It was a beautiful story!!

Michelle said...

LOL the translation from google calls you "pope john" - how funny! :-P

glad to know you have a 13-year-old daughter called Louise, too. :-)

all kidding aside, lovely article & pictures. and how great that the ukrainians reading it will see that children with disabilities aren't as scary as they imagine!

- michelle

Sarah said...

That is neat! I have no earthly idea what the article said (will have to try the translation thingy later) but I sure enjoyed the pictures of all your smiling faces. Left a comment on the article, in English of course lol--I bet they don't get much of that. ;-)

Annie said...

Very neat!!!