Thursday, July 16, 2009

Great News

I didn't post alot about this little girl, but their was one that also stuck out to me when we were adopting Dennis because of her vibrant and outgoing personality. Well--- praise the Lord, an American family is having court today to adopt her and her sister! When I saw them, I did not hesitate walking right up to them and introducing myself. They brought their two kids with them and Julia had a nice time chatting with other kids her age. They are very nice, and I am so very happy for this little girl!

We get to visit with Alosha which is what Alexsey goes by in the orphanage, twice a day. The weather is very hot, and here I thought we would be escaping the California heat wave. We have chosen to walk everyday to and from the orphanage, yet we have not found our way straight home on the first try. The apartment is nestled within a group of buildings and they all look alike, but at least we know exactly which group of buildings and on what corner they are on. I'm sure in a few more days, we will have it figured out.

Are you hungry for more photos-- like of the kids playing in a little swimming pool in their undies????
Well, you are going to have to wait till this evening because Julia is bugging me to get off and let her use the computer.


Hevel Cohen said...

Can't wait to se emore photos of your new son!

The heat in this corner of the world has been pretty bad: Hungary is hotter than Israel at the moment!

Missy said...

Hey, Julia!! Get of the 'puter and let your mom post PICTURES!!! lol

Maybe the Lord knew what he was doing when He delayed our trip there - Mark doesn't handle heat well at all and if we went when we were supposed to (now) he would have had a very hard time. Hopefully, when it's our time in a few weeks it will cool down. :o)

Can't wait to see more pictures!! (Is Julia too old to spank?)

Esther y Fede said...

Felicidades, por el nuevomiembro de vuestra familia.
esperamo ver pronto la foto de la familia al completo.
sois unos valientes y un orgullo ( padres de 12 hijos) felicidades y gracias por tener tanto amor.

Esther y Fede said...

Felicidades, por el nuevomiembro de vuestra familia.
esperamo ver pronto la foto de la familia al completo.
sois unos valientes y un orgullo ( padres de 12 hijos) felicidades y gracias por tener tanto amor.

Mike and Christie said...

Just caught up with your posts. So neat to see Dennis and Julia with you. What a great experience for Julia. :)
Alexsi looks WONDERFUL!

Carey and Norman said...

So excited that you are in the Ukraine with Alosha! I cannot wait to hear more about your time and see more pictures. I loved the ones of Dennis and Alexsey (Julia too). I think seeing the boys together was such a highlight to my day!

Laurel said...'s 106 here today, and was the same yesterday. They are saying we'll have another 15 days over "over 100's". Ugh...we're headed up to Mono Hot Springs and Edison Lake for the weekend to celebrate my birthday and try to cool off!

My kids are looking forward to those pictures of the kids in the pool in their underwear! They get a kick out of seeing Julia and Dennis in the photos at the orphanage. Hope you find your way home easier today. :-)

Holly said...

Julia!! Pretty please? Pictures!!
How are you spending your days...just walking to visit Alexsey??
Have you talked to the kids at home-Skype or something?
When will you be headed home.
Okay, enough of the 20 questions!
I love reading these updates and knowing your son is really right there in hugging distance!!

Anonymous said...

It is so cool that all of you are having a good time and I cant wait for you to com home!!!!

Your daughter,

Tina in CT said...

It has been gorgeous here in CT. The air is very dry and it's in the mid 70's to low 80's with cool to cold nights. Two nights ago, it went down below 50. My kind of weather. I also can't tolerate the heat and today is a little muggy so I have the A/C on.

How wonderful that you met the family that is adopting the two little sisters. Will you exchange emails, addresses and blog addresses to keep in touch?

Yes, we are waiting for more pictures.

Julie needs her turn too on the computer so we will patiently wait.

Thinking of you and looking forward each day to your news on the blog.

Meredith said...

I bet you're staying near where we stayed :) Ours was the orphanage lawyer's apartment... the Director's son in law.

We turned right after one of the grocery stores and walked alongside a fence with a playground- a school?orphanage? And we turned by the little "corner store" that was more like soda machines :) If we kept walking tho, we'd come out by the outdoor market.

I think it took us a good 3 or 4 days to figure a direct route to the apartment or to the orphanage!

So glad to see things are going well for you all! I wish I'd sent photos with you but will get them there with Missy soon :)