Friday, July 17, 2009

Look at Him Hula-Hoop!

We knew that the older children were putting on a kids' program, so we made sure to get to the orphanage bright and early. It was disappointing to see that Alosha was sitting in his stroller instead of participating in some way. He could have done the hand motions at the very least. The kids that were doing the singing were from his group-- but he was left on the side lines again. What a thing to have in common---Alosha and Dennis excluded from most activities while in the orphanage. But not for long!

It was precious to see how the two boys instantly recognized each other, and watched the program together.

I have to admit, it was really cute watching the kids dance around in their clean underwear. Even Leesa, a girl with Down Syndrome participated---- and did a great job I might add!

Here is a picture of all the other children minus the ones with special needs. They were all so well behaved!

As soon as the show was over, we hurried into the play room----- it was that hot and sticky already. We brought diapers that actually fit Alosha, so there was no worry of him soaking through his clothing. The first time we met him he had a diaper on that was way too small and once or twice they had brought him to us wrapped in cloth-- and he soaked through it. I have had the privilege of changing his diaper a few times, and I mean that with all sincerity because normally the caretakers do not approve of you undressing your child or changing their diaper until you are ready to take them from the orphanage. You can say that I got a sneak peak! I was surprised to see that he was circumcised--- but as I thought about his untreated incontinence, it makes sense to me.
Alosha is now talking up a storm, and he freely calls us his Mama y Papa. Did I once say that he was soft-spoken? Well, scratch that, he can be very loud, he tends to play a little rough, and he is ALL boy. In simple language-- he will fit right in as a Reed boy!

I already see an improvement in his mobility. Without any coaxing from us, he is standing on his own......
and not just on his legs!

He loves playing with Julia---- and he is so energetic that John and I don't know that we could have kept up with him and Dennis (just kidding, but you get the drift).
Julia thinks she's figured out this contraption---- she falls back and rocks!
Dennis follows Alosha around and likes to imitate him. Thankfully, this is not annoying to Alosha.... yet.

Isn't his smile awesome!

John entertained us with his hula-hoop skills!

Needless to say, our second visit today tired us out and we were thankful to be back to unwind at our apartment. Tonight I cooked pancakes, homemade apricot jam, scrambled eggs, and fried ham. It was sooo good!
P.S. We miss and love you Adam, Rachel, Caleb, Annalyn, Sveta, Anna, William, Andrew, and Jonny! Hope you are behaving! Thinking of you------ and can't wait for you to meet your new brother!


Ross and Kate said...

I love seeing the photos of Alosha!His smile is priceless!!

Jeri said...

Christine, Jeri from Texas here, thank you so much for the precious pictures! Alosha can learn to catheterize himself to deal with the incontinence. Not a big deal and easier for boys than girls. So, he won't need to be in diapers for long.

I cannot get over how much Dennis has changed in the short time you've had him. It's more than the cosmetic surgeries, he's just gotten so big! That's what love can do for you.

Thanks for sharing.

Terri-Anne said...

Not only did Alosha STAND, but it looked like he was standing on a slanted surface! I'm so excited to see how far he'll come when he is getting physio/occupational therapy back in the USA !!!
Woo hoo!!!

gypsy@Hebrews11:13 said...

Wonderful news! I LOVE that photo of Alosha balancing/walking on his hands. That is one strong kid. Keep making him stand- weight bearing is GREAT- much better than sitting in a stroller:(

-Lydia (adopting Tori)

Anonymous said...

Hi Christine, it is so sad to me that he was left out, SURLY he could have done something. I wonder if he realized it and felt bad or if he is just used to it. Either way, I can't wait for him to get home. I think he and Dennis will have such a special relationship. He looks like such a HAPPY boy, just melts your heart.

Have Fun,
Jodi Lewandoski

Anonymous said...

Oh my word Christine, he looks GREAT! I cannot believe he is standing, both on his legs AND his hands!! He is going to absolutely take off once he's home. I am so happy for Alosha and for your family. What a precious addition he will be :)

Kelly S

MoonDog said...

how wonderful to see his smile and see him given a chance to succeed. and that brotherly love between Dennis and Alexey is too precious. I can hardley wait to watch him blossom in your home!!!

Martha said...

I can hardly wait to see all the Reed children doing handstands!

Anonymous said...

Hi Every-one!!,
I thought it was so cute how Alexe'ssmile is and the way he can stand,(and not just on his legs!!!). I am so glad that you are all having fun and I cannot wait for you all to come home!!!!

mommytoalot said...

My heart is busting with joy reading all about this journey of yours.
May God continue to bless you all.

Amy L said...

Love the pictures! The boys look so sweet together. I'm curious....what was Dennis' reaction to coming back to the orphanage? Did he remember the caregivers?

Milena said...

Pictures say more than a thousand words, and your smiles say it all. My heart sings with happiness seeing Alosha with you!

Cindi Campbell said...

What a sweet boy. You will be blessed.

Kim Yeatts said...

Can you tell if Dennis still understands and remembers his native language? I thought the picture of all the children outside was just wonderful...they are serious about hats, aren't they? Is the sixth boy with the brown shoes a red head? He would fit right into our family! Can a family ask for a specific child there? I know you did, but was that because Alosha is special needs?

ukraine09 said...


I have really been enjoying following along with your journey so far! Alosha looks so, so good. That picture of him doing the "flip" is so great. I'm happy to hear everyone is doing well and enjoying their time there.


Anonymous said...

I look forward every day to your updates. What a smile that little boy has. I'm glad you guys are having a great time. Praying daily for your safety.

Anonymous said...

holy moly!! nothing is going to stop that kid! my aiden (cp) has extreme upper body strength like that too. started walking at age 4 independantly. if alosha can stand just think what he could do with a walker?? and then sky is the limit!! you go little buddy!!!

The Monroe 6 said...

Have you noticed that you and Alosha look alike?
A couple of posts ago there was a picture of you holding him. The resemblance is amazing. Exact same coloring.
He is a doll with a bright smile.
So cool that he and Dennis get along so well. I am sure they will be best friends.

Missy said...

Great pictures! Alosha is such a doll...!!!! You are going to have FUN with him!! So glad it's going so well. Any news of a court date?

Thanks again for making my day, sharing pictures of Simon with us. I thought about him all day, with his picture in my mind. :o)

Jamey & Catherine said...

Wow, so much for my question from your last post about his ability to walk and whatnot in the future. WOW. I am speechless at the sight of those pictures of him standing on both feet and hands and very proud of him. :) Julia looks like she is having a great time bonding with her newest brother too. Great to hear how you are doing. :)


Tina in CT said...

How sad that they didn't include Alexsey in the little program. That sure will change once he is home.

Will your town have him in the next step of the birth to three program?

When he is home, you can deal with the toilet training.

I also wonder if Dennis remembers being there, his caregivers and his native language.

It's great that you are in an apt. and can prepare meals as that sure is a savings.

Your days are full.

My Muscovites arrived tonight (Tamara and the girls) to spend almost a month with me. It is wonderful.

Mary said...

WOW! He's walking on his hands without help?!?!?! That's some serious strength right there!

Sally- That Girl! said...

Alexsy reminds me so much of Bryson with the mobility of flying his hips and back legs up in the air like that. It is like what lacking in the bottom half is more than made up for in strength in the top half!!!

Your pictures and posts are great!!!

Adeye said...

Hi, I am just catching up on your eventful few days. Wow---what a precious little boy you have been blessed with. He has a smile which, I'm positive, just melts his mommy's heart. Too precious. So glad to see that he is adjusting and bonding with his new family. What blessing from the Lord.
What a joy that I get to journey with you.
Love ad hugs

Tami and Bobby Sisemore Family said...

wow :) thanks for all the photos :)


MamaPoRuski said...

I love to see the joy on his face! We remember those lazy summer days playing with 15 boys in our sons groupa-even all "disabled" children can wear you out! We napped a lot during our summer adoption! Praying for a quick process and safe journey home! HUGS!

Violet said...

Wow, Alosha is a very impressing and dazzling little boy! My nephew has neuro-muscular-motor delays and is about to be fitted for Orthotics/braces for his legs that go up to his knees. I see a picture of Alosha sitting with his knees bent behind him and I just hear my nephews therapist sayign "dont let him sit like that!" like she told us about my nephew. My N. loves to sit that way, so did his Mama as a little girl. It's apparantely not good for their hips.

I also Imagined little ALosha and my Nephew playing together with little matchign braces... and Dennis right along. Maybe someday that vision will come true.

Praying for you all on this adventure of yours!

Peta said...

He has a smile to light up the night. Such a precious little man...

Annie said...

I'm wondering if Aleksey might have been left out of the program because they were afraid he wouldn't be there for it? Sergei was not included in his end-of-the-year program the year we got him, and that was so sad, as I would have LOVED to have seen him perform (as you can imagine).

I'm amazed with their lovely facilities! And yours, too! Also, at how big and confident and strong Dennis is looking.

Thanks for your comment on my blog. It made me feel good. :)

Daniel said...

Nothing is gonna stop this boy! He is amazing.

I love seeing Dennis so big, and strong and confident. He has grown so much!

Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings.

*~Sarah Lynn~* said...

So happy for you! I have been following both of your blogs! :D

Mike and Gail said...

Boy he is strong. Love the pictures. Can't wait to see him blossom in your family like Dennis has.