Saturday, July 18, 2009

Fitting Right In

This morning was overcast, hiding the sun, bringing some reprieve from the heat. Our daily walk to and from the orphanage is pretty much routine now and only takes about 15 minutes. People watching on the way makes the time pass quickly. I still scratch my head at the sight of all the women dressed up in heels and fancy party dresses with no where to go except maybe to BOOM to grocery shop.

I brought overalls for Alosha today because shorts tend to slide off of him when he crawls. Thankfully, they fit---- what do you know-- he wears a size 3T, the same as Dennis.

After talking with the caretakers and asking them if it was okay to bring apples for all the children tomorrow, we headed inside to our usual spot. Dennis and Alosha continue to grow closer which means one of two things. Either they play together very nicely like in the picture below, or they are fighting over a toy, which I will not post a picture of..... yet. :)

This picture is priceless once you know the story. The two boys were fighting over a toy phone, so John gave Dennis his phone so Alosha could have the toy phone. Immediately Alosha no longer wanted the toy phone, so John gave him our Ukrainian phone to listen to the ring tones. The boys listened to their own phones, but secretly they wanted each others phones so very politely they switched. It was a prime example of cooperation on both of their parts.

As we were leaving Alosha's room, I couldn't help taking a picture of all of the little kids' shoes. Once in a while we will see one of the kids' shoes that they are wearing don't even match. Just goes to show that they are expected to put them on by themselves.

I brought a pair of shoes that no longer fit Dennis.... but they fit Alosha! He is a size 6 and Dennis is nearly a size 8!

We went and visited Dennis' main caretaker now that she was back from vacation. She was expecting our visit and had candy, and cookies, and apricots for us! Bless her heart, she really loves Dennis and is so happy to see how well he is doing.

On the way home today, Dennis wanted to walk just like his big sister Julia.

the walk must have tired out both Dennis and Daddy.


Milena said...

How sweet to see Alosha and Dennis playing together! How do they communicate? Dennis maybe doesn't talk so much yet, but Alosha does, doesn't he?

The smile on the face of Dennis' main caretaker is sweet too. How precious for him to have this photo and maybe you even got some new little information or anecdotes from her about Dennis!

I'm all warm in my heart to see the harmony and happiness in your photos!

Terri said...

How great it is to see them getting along so well. Glad Dennis was able to see his caretaker. She must me so excited to see how much he has progressed since being with you guys.

Praying for you guys. Can't wait until he is home with you!

Tami and Bobby Sisemore Family said...

thanks for sharing all the picture and details with us! Enjoy your time there :) It looks beautiful outside :) The boys are so adorable together :)


CassidyJo said...

Hi everybody it's Cassidy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It sounds like your all having a really good time.
Do you like Ukrain Julia?
Julia do you still have my e-mail?It's
I hope you all enjoy the rest of your trip!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kathy C. said...

Taking Dennis back probably shows them that Americans have no ulterior motive in adopting--we don't need slaves, body parts or whatever else these poor people are told.

How fun to see Dennis and A. playing together!

The Lindeques said...

Hi guys, had a rough week and rough time to get to the "post a comment"-hope this is working. Thinking and praying for you. Love the pictures,seems like Dennis and Alexsey is hitting it off really well. Had fun with the kids last weekend.Take care.
the Lindeques

Missy said...

I'm loving every post! I'll bet it is doing the caregivers' hearts a lot of good to see "one of their own" coming back from America after a year looking so wonderfully! I'm sure he is getting lots of attention! :o)

Nataliya said...

What a nice job sharing the phones - it warms my heart seeing Dennis and Alosha together! And I loved the picture of the boys with Julia and you.

Dave Baldacchino said...

Hi! I'm finally starting to catch up on my reading. I'm glad to see things are going well. I'll be checking the feeds regularly now :)

Mummy McTavish said...

Catching up on your exciting trip! It's wonderful to see the boys interacting so well, praying for everything to flow smoothly with all the official adoption stuff!

Sara W. said...

Hello Christine~

Love your updates and pictures. What a wonderful trip...I bet Dennis' caretaker was so happy to see him, and how sweet that she had little snacks for all of you.

Dennis and Alexsey look so happy together..and it sounds like they are already typical little brothers :-)

The shoe picture, I think, is very touching...All those little shoes, belonging to little children who need forever families. It's almost like the shoes even 'look' lonely. That picture really speaks!

Your cookie/wafer you were eating looks like it would be good with a cup of coffee...or dipped in dark chocolate :-)

How neat that you are bringing apples for the children..I'm sure they will love them.

MamaPoRuski said...

I love the photos of the boys together! How marvelous to know our God prepared these boys to be brothers! We bought KBAC yesterday at our local store. We drank some, remembering the heat and the bees that swarmed near the vats...We can laugh at those memories now-praying for you!

Laura said...

It is so heartwarming to see the boys play together...and share! The pictures are priceless.

Funny you should post a pic of the kids' shoes! I posted one on my blog last week and I still have engrained in my memory the small, sweet faces of the children they belonged to. It's been 2 months since we brought our little angel home but a part of my heart is still there very much.


Annie said...

Christine, I can't believe that I let myself fall behind on your blog! I'll tell you why - I consider it one of the very special "treats" of my day, and I don't get to read if I don't get my work done! So - you see where that leads me. But this morning, work or no - I'm reading and smiling and just love every moment you share with us. The little boys sharing the phones might be my favorite image from this post...or is it that dear lady who loves Denis? You can thank her love for making him the sweet-hearted boy he is. I try to remember to pray daily for the wonderful people who loved my children before I could.