Monday, July 27, 2009

Sad to See Us Go

When it was time to take Alex back to his groupa at the end of our second visit yesterday--- I didn't want to hand him over. I could see how unhappy he was to go--- I am sure it had something to do with the particular caretakers that were on shift at that time. There are so many women coming and going from that orphanage that I can hardly keep up-- nor can I recognize them. There are a few that I love dearly and appreciate so much-- but the majority of them seem to consider what they do merely a job not a ministry--- and it shows.

And it makes my heart hurt. Julia's too. She loves all the children and enjoys passing out treats to them. She is getting Alex to play with her more and more and she absolutely loves to hear him call out her name. It is pretty cute.

Today we saw Dennis' old roommate outside in a baby walker. She is just so precious, bless her little heart. She has some kind of syndrome I am sure-- her eyes are set wide apart and she is missing fingers-- but she is the cutest little doll in all of Antoshka! But don't worry in case you are thinking---- the feelings I have are not Mama-type feelings but more a feeling of children with special needs need more advocates because they have so much potential. Can I hear an Amen?
I think Julia and I are developing a mosquito phobia-- nothing makes my skin crawl more than the high pitched sound of a mosquito buzzing around your head. EEeee!

I am also sick of apricots--- there are trees everywhere around here and the smell of rotten apricots smells like hot, old beer.

I love, love, love how Kramatorsk is like one giant park. Tall, shady trees are everywhere! Here is just one of many "hang outs" where old men play chess.
We saw this caterpillar on our walk home. It was huge!
This is for the Reed Kids---- I miss you guys so much. I have enjoyed your comments Annalyn and Rachel. They make me feel closer to you. Please keep an eye on each other and take care of one another! This is not a bribe-- but I would love to surprise all of you with something fun to do when Julia, Alex, and I get home! So-- be good!


Missy said...

That's so sad about the caregivers, but not surprising, I guess. I do think that each of my 3 Russians had one or two caregivers that did love them, however, especially my daughter Natasha, who talked about "Tamara" for a long time and said she was her "first mother".

No doubt this trip will affect Julia for the rest of her life. Who knows? Maybe she'll be some kind of advocate for EE adoptions some day and will do great things! She certainly seems like a special girl.

Terri-Anne said...

Amen! I work as an Educational Assistant, and typically see sooooooooooooo much potential in the children I support. The key is building the rapport to make them want to work hard!
I'm excited for Alex's potential to walk, when I see him army-crawling, and putting weight on his legs!
Thanks for continuing to post so often!

Joan (Nana) said...

Children with special needs have so much to give a family. Seems like God just filled their hearts with so much love in pours over to the ones around them. I have gained so much from having two special need grandaughters

Annie said...

I hope you remember to bring Annalyn some of those red and white candies (I caught her comment.)

My daughter Lydia developed a latex allergy. Fortunately, it is something that is pretty easy to avoid. The biggest "risk factor" are bandages, bandaids, latex gloves...but all those things have alternative non-latex versions, fortunately.

I was so glad that my children's caregivers - at least most of them really seemed to care for them and love them. In fact, I felt so strongly that there was so much more caring there than in your average US daycare. I had the horrific experience of having to leave Aidan in a Kindercare for a few months when he was four and it nearly broke my heart. You could see how blatantly indifferent all the adults were to the children. And they REALLY were on a revolving door!

I do think this is undoubtedly a formative experience for Julia. I'm so glad she has had this amazing opportunity. At first I felt sad that you weren't bringing Rachel...because I feel like "going home" was so incredibly important for Sergei's sense of inner peace. But, I can see that this experience is probably much more important for her such insight into motherliness, and surely into the past of many of her siblings. (And she is one amazing girl.)

Anonymous said...

Hi Every-one!!!
I miss you all and cannot wait for you to come home!!! By the way,
I love the strawberry Fruticas!!!
I love your blog and cannot wait
for you to come home!!!
Your Exited Daughter,

Rachel said...

Just for your info, my mom has Spina Bifida and has never had a latex allergy. Balloons don't bother her a bit. :)

Carmencita said...

Querida Cristina os sigo viendo desde Madrid (EspaƱa) os seguire siempre... muchos besos para todos en especial para Alexis ....

Holly said...

Oh my goodness Christine! You are such a trooper! I can't wait for your family to all be together at last!
I'm sure you're homesick too.
Keep writing. We'll keep praying!

Kim said...

Hi Christine,
You are such a great person I envy everything that you are doing. My dream is to one day adopt a special needs child. I work in the special needs field and love every minute of it. I look forward to every new post. By the way My childhood best friend had spina bifida and had what is called a shunt. A lot of people with spina bifida get hydrosepholous which is fluid on the brain, and if left on treated can cause increased intra-cranial pressure which can be very dangerous the shunt is what controls it. And if little alex already has a shunt, it usually needs to be checked regularly. Thank you so much for being who you are. you and your family are truly heroes in my heart.
My thoughts and prays are with you all,

Kim Somodji,

P.S. I think my mom, deb kelly, has emailed you about my best friend with spina bifida. Keep being you

julie said...

Hi Christine,

I have been out of town and away from the computer for a few days and just check in with you.

I am so happy things are going well. I know you must be so homesick for your other kids and hubby. Hang in there! You will be home before you know it.

Thanks again for sharing your life with all us.

God Bless,

Martha said...

Apparently not all people with spina bifida have latex allergies. My mom has never had a problem, but then she doesn't exactly have your "average" spina bifida.

All of life is a mission field but in the monotony of the everyday we often lose sight of that. Old crotchety babushka's are a mission field too, I guess, not just little children. Sometimes God takes you to the mission field and sometimes He brings it to you. (Since my daughter just returned home from El Salvador this is on my mind.)

You are in our prayers!

Grannysaurus said...

I've been following you every step of the way, but made few comments. Maybe none, I can't remember. Like you my heart goes out to those children, and also to your children back home who must be missing you. It's such a huge undertaking and I thank God that there are folk like you who stick your neck out. I pray that he raises up more families to take these lost chicks under their wings.

Amanda said...

Amen indeed!